Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gardener at Heart, Even in January...

It happened... that sad feeling something is missing in my heart.
The garden.... I miss green.  Really miss green.
And blooms, and being outside.
I am a summer girl... and it is a long way off.

 It started last week, I started looking at pictures from the summer.
Making plans, and yes... wishing the weeks away.
I do this every year.
 So what did I do?
Buy a few more HOUSEPLANTS!
I have grown houseplants even longer than I have been gardening.
I always have to be surrounded with something green.
This week I added these two in the vintage bowls.
Is there anything better than living plants in decor?
 I love this combination of houseplants.
My Christmas cactus is blooming again too.
Love the pink blooms.  I have two of these that are very old.
This umbrella plant is growing quickly, it is happy in the sleigh.
The little jade is starting to look like a tree.
 I started this one from a broken piece this spring.
It has taken off in the little metal bucket.
I root things all year and make new starts.
Free plants are a good thing.
 The top plant is newly added and the little bottom one is a new start.
I love using my inexpensive creamware with plants.
A bit of burlap is a nice accent with lace of course!
  I am always looking for vintage style containers to use with plants.
I switch them out from spring to fall to the holidays.
It's a good thing I have a basement for all my junk.
 I have readers that ask if the plants are real.
Yes, for the most part they all are.
I got rid of the majority of my greenery last year.
They do not always look perfect.
 I have killed more than I can count.
But it is an experiment of sorts.
I have excellent light in this home and that helps.
 But I think the living plants make it more homey.
And I somewhat get my garden fix in...
I will tell you my biggest problem is I am an over waterer.
Most likely I kill plants by drowning.
One way I have tried to fix that is to water every two weeks.
I go by pay-days to make it easy.... every other Friday.
I also try to mist them to keep the dust off the leaves.
Just once a month or so, to keep them looking good.
Another thing is I have my plants for years and sometimes they start to look tired.
For that two things might need to be done.
Sometimes they need a major cut back....
or they might need new soil.
So in the Spring when it is warmer I take them outside and scatter the old soil
into my garden and give them all new dirt.
I also use plant fertilizer stakes once a year.
And occasionally I use a liquid compost tea if they really look poor.
But mostly just good sun and a bit of love.
 But like all things, sometimes you just need to replace them every few years.
So if something looks like it is dying, try to do a few starts if you can.
But it may be best to just get a new plant.
But the goods out way the hassles, I love to grow houseplants.
Lets face it... I am a gardener 365 days a year!

Thanks for visiting.....Brooke

Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs.  Brooke has started doing freelance photography work, contact her for your business or family photography needs.  She also provides social media training and services including graphic design work for other websites and area businesses.
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  1. Houseplants - I loved them in the 70s, then let them go when I moved to a dark home in the early 80s. When I married my husband 12 yrs ago, he had a dieffenbachia tree farm in our sunroom - literally, more than a dozen plants from one that grew from a floral in-hospital delivery into trees, with the help of self-watering containers (they're awesome, and worth the price) and the great light in our sunroom. This past fall, I trashed the last of the 40 yr old plants, and all I have now is a the top portion of a succulent orb I planted as an experiment that's totally out of control big, and its other half waiting to be planted (it's even MORE out of control). Bottom line - I enjoy the outdoor gardening much more than the indoor container gardening.

  2. I love houseplants! I really enjoyed your post and am glad you are using real instead of fake plants. Have a great winter and enjoy your houseplants!

  3. I'm craving some green now too. I bought a bunch of small house plants in the fall to put on my antique stand, but I really don't do well with them. I'm really dreaming of summer and will start some seeds this weekend. Now that's more my kind of gardening!

  4. I love houseplants. We have indoor palms, ferns, succulents and bromeliads all living happily indoors here. But then we do live in a tropical climate! Brooke, found you through a linky party quite some time ago and have been following for a while. I'm launching my own Five Star Frugal linky party today, focusing on elegant living on a shoestring budget, and I'd be honoured if you would share your lovely post there. Happy Blogging New Year.. Mimi xxx

  5. My Christmas cactus was about to bloom when I left home on Sunday - I hope I haven't missed too much! Home tonight - and I may have to stop at the grocer to see what they have in the way of plants. After reading your post I am craving green inside too.

  6. Brooke,
    You have gorgeous plants, dear friend!!!
    I have trashed one houseplant this year.
    Let me explain. . .
    My house plants are on a "watering schedule".
    It is very arid on this side of the Prairie,
    so plants are watered on Tuesdays and Fridays.
    Titled an "Angel Plant" this particular plant demanded to be watered more often.
    If I refused, it would droop terribly and drive me 'nuts'!!!
    After three months of horrific Summer weather
    (and all the while "Mr. Ed" was hospitalized and recovering),
    I'd had enough. . .so to the trash it went!
    Another $.99 plant over the years grew to look somewhat like a palm tree.
    A close friend has gained the title Master Gardener from our Extension Office
    adopted my plant, pot and all. She has a greenhouse in her garden and will
    transplant it come Spring!
    I'm a "faux" kinda plant lady, sorry!!!
    I enjoy viewing others great works of soil and green plants.
    I, also, do well with the Herbs out~of~doors.
    Enjoy your indoor gardening. . .they are beautiful!!!

  7. I too long for summer. It is my favorite season, maybe because it is so short here in northern Michigan. I love to garden to and have many of the same houseplants you do. Our house does not get good light the way it is positioned, so most of my plants reside in our south facing back room which is small. I had to cull a lot of plants for lack of room. But I do enjoy what I have, including two plants that hail back to my grandma. My Christmas cactus and Hoya are starts from one my mom got from hers.

    You've displayed your plants beautifully. Thank you for sharing them and your pretty lights at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!

  8. I enjoy having plants indoors. Love the container your Christmas cactus is pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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