Saturday, January 3, 2015

Florida Wildlife Tour --- BEWARE OF GATORS!

Happy New Year and welcome back!
This is my second post about our trip to Florida over the holidays.
If you missed the first one you can see it here.
Today's post is about our visit to Myakka River State Park in Sarasota Florida.
When planning our trip this time I had kidded around about 'hunting gators' when we get down there.  This state park was near one of our hotel locations and we arrived early the next morning to explore the park.

First let me tell you.... it is a bit creepy there.  It is very overgrown and you can almost feel something is in the swampy trees looking at you.  There are no fences and it is posted everywhere that there are gators in all the water.
 When we arrived at the largest lake are we asked were the best place to spot wildlife 
was and they directed us down a half mile trail.  As we walked the girls 
kept getting more and more spooked.  I think my husband helped with that, 
but he loves to scare us.  

But it was narrow and the brush was right up to the path on both sides, 
it did freak me out a bit.  

Once we got there the platform was covered is Buzzards!
 Yes, you see they wait till the alligators feed and get the leftovers... 
so they were waiting for breakfast.
Within a few minutes we started to see gators.
These two were right across the bank from me eating something. 
Silly me, I walked even closer to get a good shot... 
the girls screamed....
But my husband and I walked along the bank, 
the girls never left the platform. 
I got this lovely shot on the walk back up the path.
Once we got back to the tourist area we signed up for the air boat ride. 
It is the cheapest one I saw in the area, $12 per person and it lasted about an hour. 
 Of course I loved all the birds.
I could take pictures of them all day... 
but we came to see the gators... 
And we were not disappointed! 
 They said there were over 200 in this lake.
Hello there, you creep me out... 
They were huge!
I was semi-okay when they were sunning themselves,
but when they started moving they did me in. 
 But the birds were lovely and it was pretty in a jungle sort of way.
Here is the gift shop and there were gators right up next to it.
But everyone picnicked and walked around like it was nothing.
The brave even kyacked in the water!
Not this Indiana girl... lol.

I'll stick to my backyard lake anyday!
I know what is in it!!

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  1. Happy New Year Brooke - looks like you all had a fabulous trip. I love your photos - thank you for sharing this adventure with us. The alligator creeps this Ohio gal out too!

  2. Last June we spent 2 weeks on Siesta Key and we went to this same park! I loved all the wildlife, though you probably saw more birds than we did in the summer. We saw a lot of alligators though! We plan on going back to Siesta again soon. It was our favorite beach so far. Glad to hear you had fun too:)

  3. Morning Brooke,
    I am a Florida girl and the gators creep me out too. Would never want to kyake in a lake with 200 gators, that
    sounds a bit STUPID to this girl................or maybe
    I love the wildlife tho, the sea birds and such are beautiful and fun to see, Bet the airboat tour was a lot of fun tho............glad yall had fun, and hope you got some sunny weather, as it has been a bit overcast here
    in the central fl area............

    Happy New Year,

  4. beautiful pictures they are so super cute
    come see us at

  5. Glad you enjoyed the park. I agree with Nellie, it's not smart to be that close to gators. We've visited there, but didn't see as many gators as you did! I hope you'll come share this outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  6. This is really a very nice post.


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