Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Finds - Two New Antique Portraits To Love

Today I made a trip to some of my favorite vintage honey-holes!
And found two new friends... I would like for you to meet them....

 I love anything old...
and this year I seem to have a baby theme going
with the high chair tree and the little shoes.
So when I saw this sweet little face from across the room.
 I knew he needed to come live with me.
I know there is lace on the christening dress,
but it looks like a little boy to me.
 It is 15 by 20 inches, and very old.
I am in love.
 Here is the other new man in my life...
 I think he needs a name.
At the store we were trying to decide who he is.
I am not quite sure...
 But he is a handsome fellow.
The canvas is on burlap and frayed...
But that adds to the charm in my book.
 He is quite a big fellow, as you can tell by seeing it with the door.
I always wonder the history of these treasures.
How they ended up in thrift stores and not in some family home.

So consider them officially adopted, they have a nice home here!
Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs.  Brooke has started doing freelance photography work, contact her for your business or family photography needs.  She also provides social media training and services including graphic design work for other websites and area businesses.
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  1. A great vintage sharing. I love seeing old portraits and wonder about the families.

  2. I, too, always wonder how these treasures end up in a thrift store....I've found so many things that should have stayed within the family.
    I love both your pictures....Happy Pinks

  3. Wonderful treasures. I have inherited all of my family's old photos and portraits. Unfortunately, I am the last member left - no other family, so I guess all of my photos and portraits will eventually end up in an antique or thrift store also. I think this happens with many families - sometimes no one is left, or the children just aren't interested in keeping portraits of people they don't know anything about. Sad, but I guess it's better than being thrown in the trash.

  4. Love that baby portrait! Great find....


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