Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Rustic Family Room For The Holidays

Welcome back my dear friends....
Today I am sharing a tour of our Family Room for the season.

This is Scoob... or Scooby....  our great dane.
He is 11 years old and this is his room.
He spends his days on this couch and if you set in his spot...
He gives you "the look".
I am wanting new living room furniture, but as long as we have a 130 pound dog...
we will have this sectional...
I love all styles, but this and the kitchen is my more country areas of the house.
We put in new floors this summer and the fireplace gas insert was an addition after the house was built as well.  I love that it has a thermostat and kicks on and off when needed.
 This primitive feed bin is a favorite of mine.  The slanted top opens and we have blankets and throws inside.
 A cute feed sack and boots for the holidays in the corner.
 You cannot see it very well, but the twigs are have lights making this corner glow.
 Red and gold are my accent colors in this room.
 I have had these real wood shutters for years, I love them.
 A simple swag and burlap bow with lights in the corner.
 I kept it simple on the fireplace, this is my husband's "room" and he does not like anything to hang down on the fireplace or block the TV!
 The old buggy seat is a great place for display.
 I have my metal goodies and the little tree has lights.
I love all the rusty-crusty treasures.

On this side of the buggy seat is usually where the big tree is. But this year I did not put it up...  and honestly... I don't really miss it. I have little trees all around the house.  And it has been so busy, it is one less thing to worry about.

As many of you might know, I went back to work full time December 8th.  It has been an adjustment for me for sure, but I am enjoying it.  Learning again to manage my sparse amount of time online has been hard for me.  I miss seeing all the posts and updates.  But I am hoping things calm down after the holidays a bit.

Thanks so much for stopping by and God Bless!
Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs.  Brooke has started doing freelance photography work, contact her for your business or family photography needs.  She also provides social media training and services including graphic design work for other websites and area businesses.

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  1. Your family room is so beautiful. I love your home though as I have said many times before. My daughter has two great danes, and she needs new furniture as well. She is not going to buy any until the dogs are no more. She loves Ashley and Blue, but when she no longer has them she is not going to get any more animals. She wants to travel and wants her home to be pretty. It is pretty, all except for the sofa which are the dogs bed.

  2. Your house look so cozy and warm, I like how is decorated. The dog is super cute.

    Tenancy cleaners Wandsworth

  3. I really like your rustic room and I fell in love with Scooby. What a handsome BIG dogbaby!

  4. What a wonderful and cozy room you have created. So pretty! Merry Christmas, Brooke!

  5. Love how Scooby made the couch his. You have created the perfect family room for all to share. The rustic decorations makes the room welcoming and gives it a comfortable warm feeling.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Brooke,
    I am enjoying the peacefulness of your rustic family room, dear friend!!!
    Balancing work and home is always a challenge.
    I miss your visits, too. .. but a Gal's gotta' do what a Gal's gotta' do!!!
    Look forward to seeing you as time allows!!!

  7. Scooby rocks!


  8. We have 2 Great Danes and one also has "his" spot on the couch, so I totally understand! I am so happy that Scoob is 11 years old. I hope he continues on in good health - that's quite a feat! I know Scoob-aroo appreciates that you decorated his room so lovingly, too. Great job! Say Hi to the big guy from us!

  9. Beautiful room! I love the red shutters and the floor is gorgeous! Scooby is a handsome boy!

  10. I'm having hardwood floor envy. Love your collection. My favorite is the high-chair. Beautiful display.


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