Thursday, November 20, 2014

Printed Burlap Themed Christmas Tree in Front Entry

Hello my dears and welcome back!
Today I am sharing some of my front entry area.
It may seem like I am jumping the gun sharing a tree before Thanksgiving.
But this tree has been up for at least two months.
It was part of my fall decor....
But for Christmas I glammed it up a bit with browns and bling!
I guess it started when I bought my new printed burlap fabrics.
I just knew I wanted to use them on a tree or two.
I cut them into six inch strips and frayed the edges a bit.
I love the look of this... almost a leopard from a distance, so much fun.
I added some extra burlap to cover the base and add more interest.
 The tree has pinecones in it... but I added more sparkle with glittered ones.
 The brown sprays and ornaments I had from last year. 
I have more of these colors in the foyer... which I will share on the tour.
 But I really enjoy this look for all winter.
 It matches with my vintage, which I enjoy.
But I would call this a contemporary tree for me...
The perfect mix of funky and fun.

I am doing things much differently this year for the holidays.
I sold so much of my decor in the yard sales this summer.
I am trying not to do the same old thing....
and this is a fun new direction for me.

Plus, all it cost me was a few dollars for the burlap.
I love that....

How long will I keep it up?
Well... for a while.
I may take the ornaments off and add more burlap bits.
I could see some vintage style tags with numbers looking great on it.
Or maybe some old photos... who knows.
But for now... I am loving the BLING!

Happy Holidays and God Bless!



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  1. Loved the unique colors you used in the tree! Thank you for sharing with us, you were featured this week at Ivy and Elephants. Feel free to grab a featured button. Happy Thanksgiving!


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