Friday, November 7, 2014

Aging Terracotta Pots and Starting Ivy

Welcome back dear readers...
Today is a fun project to make some cute containers for your home.
I will be using some inexpensive terracotta pots and some craft supplies.

 For the first step I used a watered down wash of brown craft paint thinned out with a few drops of water.
I wanted it to be more of a stain.... let dry.
 For the 2nd step I added some gold/beige paint not thinned down to accent.
Messy is fine... no worries.
Now here is my secret weapon... I use brown shoe polish to age it and make it look old.
Use a paper towel and go for it... the more the better.
(You will see the difference in a bit)
Today we will be planting ivy.
My favorite houseplant....
See this darling bottle I use to root in...
Does it look familiar?

I bet you have had one and thrown it away.
Shame on you!

It is the maple syrup bottle you get at Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

Yep, the little bottle you get with breakfast foods.
Keep it and you will have this darling little place to root cuttings.
 My ivy cutting had been in the window for about a week and has good roots.
 I added fresh potting soil and a stick of fertilizer.
Then covered it with moss and PRESTO... a darling little pot of ivy.
(See the shoe polish added the vintage look I wanted.)
I love to have plants at my kitchen window all year long.
Here is another pot I did last summer and smudged it with white paint.
 Don't pay any attention to the dirty windows!
This is my momma plant... I just trim her and start more cuttings.
Yes, she is in a candle jar...
 I love birds these two are so cute.
And the heart holds a candle that looks so pretty in the window.
 I love little accents like these.
Okay, now you have had a peek at my window seal goodies.
I should probably go find some Windex and clean my back windows.
Never mind, there is a chance of rain all week!
Lol....  works for me.

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  1. Very nice and easy way of 'ageing' terracotta pots and rooting ivy. I might give it a go. Thanks for sharing!


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