Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Antique Photographs and my Vintage Decor Home Office

Today I am sharing a couple new antique photos I have found...
And some scenes from my vintage-style office area.

 I love collecting antique photographs...
My favorites are brides.. but couples are a close second.
This lady has a home-sewn dress and look at those boots!
As in most vintage photos... they don't look too happy.
 But this second one is my new favorite!
A family on this Victorian porch... be still my heart.
 I love the trim and seeing the kids too.
So sweet... as always I wonder how this is not a family keepsake.

I added the two prints to my vignette on my desk.
 This way I can enjoy them where I work everyday.

I love the cardboard backed photographs.
You can just lean them up against things.
You don't need a frame or stand.
 My cozy corner to blog in... it is spitting rain... again...
 For fall I added some neutral flowers... antique books and lace.

The larger house picture is on the other side with the bird cage.
I have added some burlap and berries.

I am happy with how this work space has turned out.
It started as my dining room, but makes more sense as a downstairs office.
I have two drawers in the end table and loads of storage in the hope chest.
I recovered it a year ago to match the curtains.
It is also nice if more than one person is looking a the computer...
Two can sit there... or me and my dog... :)
 The pretty crocheted tablecloth covers the damage to my library table and softens up the space.
One more shot of this lovely photo.

How much did the old photos cost?

The couple was $1 and the house was $2!
You know I loved

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