Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gypsy, Miley and the Moon....

Good Morning... 
Today is a random post about blogging,
the fur babies in my life...
and the moon!

This is my sweet kitten, Gypsy Rose.
She is as fussy as she looks.
She is just a kitten, but well on her way to diva status.
Here is the other spoiled little girl in my life.
My Miley, showing her overbite.
She is part Boston and part Jack Russell.
She gets it honest.
Puppy love, she is the best little dog.  She is my constant shadow.  Most of the time if I am on the computers she is sitting on this bench beside me.  Dog on one side and cat on the other if she is in.  We do not do indoor cats, they just visit in the house.
This week we were up at 5 am to watch the moon.
Crazy, I know... my hubby woke us all up.
I froze on the porch in my socks... 
but got these photos with five kittens climbing up my legs 
and trying to get the camera straps.  Oh my...
I did my best to get a few good shots.
Going out about every 15 minutes.
Yes, it did turn a deep red for us when it was fully covered.
But the shots all turned fully black for me.
Not sure quite what was causing that... but happy to get these anyway.

It is a learn as you go with photography...
and blogging...
I had to make some changes this week.
My blog HAD to go from a full feed to a read after the break blog.
RSS was saying my posts were too large 
and kicking them out of the system.

So readers had gotten two posts in two weeks or so.
It was very frustrating.

So, if you blog... subscribe to your own blog...
and make sure you are getting your posts.
Maybe you do not do as many photos as I do.
But if you do and this is happening...
that is the fix.
Wish someone had told me!

Thanks So Much For Visiting!


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