Sunday, October 12, 2014

Adding Lacey Bits and Burlap for Fall on the Sideboard...

Welcome back my dears!

 I have been having fun learning how to use my new camera this fall.
I ended up with 26 pictures of the sideboard display...
So this will be followed with another post soon, a part two.
 But this post we will be taking a closer look at the lace and burlap...
my favorite combination!

 I had this simple 7 ft burlap runner.
It is cute, but a bit plain.
What to do?
Add some crocheted lace if course!
I did not set the two pieces together.
It is hard to find this kind of lace anymore.
I just pinned it a few times so it would stay flat.
 I keep this area light, but added a bit of color here and there.
 Even in the sweet vintage postcards.
 Little details like touches of silver in my grandma's pillbox.
 The girl's baby shoes.
 Keeping the focus on the creamware mostly.
 I love the idea of adding a candle to a teacup.
And tucking a vintage earring into your greenery for some bling.
More candles in the vintage silver cups on the ledge.
Will make a lovely glow on the cold nights to come.

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