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Tuesday Garden Party 9/23

Welcome to Tuesday Garden Party!
I am sorry this is late.... I put PM instead of AM in the scheduling.
I had been running around town all morning and came home to find the post missing!
This has been the theme of my week.
I have been working on problems with my RSS feed. 
Unexpectedly it stopped working last Tuesday 
and three posts were not sent out to my email and RSS subscribers. 

I tried fixing it all weekend, and finally just did a new feed for my site that works.... 
so I am asking for your help in moving your email or feed reader to this new link. 
I don't want you to miss out on my Fall Home Tour and other fun things coming soon.

Or you can update it on the site at www.creativecountrymom.com
Thanks so much for following and helping me with this!

While I was working on the blog I did a new theme... 
 It is fall colored, but could be used any time of the year.
 I think I will use this for my new business cards as well.
I like to have my info to hand out to new friends I meet.

Okay, lets get to the party!
I will post pics of the garden soon, I promise.

This week’s host is Michelle from Simplify, Live, Love.

Greetings from Eastern Iowa! I hope you are enjoying glorious fall weather this Tuesday, the first official day of fall! Fall is definitely in the air out here on my little homestead. The days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler - although, it's supposed to be 80 on Friday. I've been busy freezing okra, digging up the last of my potatoes and taking in all of the butternut and acorn squash I grew. Sweet potatoes will be coming out of the garden in the next few days and I'm still harvesting broccoli side shoots and enough tomatoes to get a nice sized pot of sauce every few days.
But my big garden accomplishment this past week has to do with potatoes. Two years ago I read about the no-dig potato planting method in one of my favorite gardening books, the Rodale Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. This is the second year I have planted my potatoes using the no-dig method and I continue to be very pleased with the results. The first year, I grew over 200 pounds of potatoes, and this year I'm sure I did too even though I have not managed to weigh them. I have three big bushel baskets full of potatoes again this year, just like I got last year and I'm excited to have them to eat all winter again this year. You can read how I store my potatoes and how they fared over the winter last year here.

On to the Tuesday Garden Party's Featured Posts from last week!

1. Garden Up Green - Establishing a Raised Bed - I love the helpful hints Carole provides on starting a raised garden bed! Getting the soil right is sooo important.
2. Sprouts - The Wilder Homestead Heritage Gardens Part 1 - I have to tell you a secret. I have read the whole Little House series multiple times {even as an adult} and I love every single one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books! My kids and I are headed to New York in a couple of weeks and visiting Malone to see the Farmer Boy home site was on my list of places to visit, BUT - they close the week before we get there. So, I will make do with this tour from Sprouts!
3. Garden Matter - Harvest Tomato Pie - I might try this tonight! It looks so good.
4. Upstairs Downstairs - Free Natural Materials for Fall Decorating - Love the ideas for pretty items you can gather right outside like Okra pods {I happen to have a bunch of them!}! FREE!
5. Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven - Canning Zucchini - I freeze a bit of zucchini, but canning it is an interesting concept!
I loved all the posts last week! Thank you all for continuing to link up to this great party! I can't wait to see what you share this week!

#TuesdayGardenParty - Garden Inspiration for 9-23-2014


Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She is an avid gardener and grows a cottage-style free flowering “mass of color” landscape. She also does a video series called “Notes From A Country Garden” on YouTube.  She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at area Gardening Events and Area Organizations and Clubs.  To see more of her home and garden visit www.creativecountrymom.com.
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