Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Trip To Chandelier Barn Market

Ever dreamed of hosting your own Country Living Fair?
 That is what my new friend Lisa Wilson dreamed of....

 And she lived in the perfect place to do it... 
Wilson Farm in Southern Indiana.
And it was just what you imagined...
A country farm surrounded by corn fields... 
we parked in the fields.
A lovely ranch style home set back under the trees.
Just stunning... perfect... wonderful.
 She had a group of ladies that were willing to help...

I know she would want me to list their names.
She had a tribe of volunteers and they all looked like they were loving every minute of it.
 I have to tell you... I am so impressed by these ladies and their families.
 Yes, they certainly showed us life is good on Wilson's farm!
 And so was the shopping!
 No flea market junk here!
 All of the vendors were to Lisa's dream theme....
 Creative... fun... original...funky... all things we love.
 Be still my heart!
 She has three large building all full of vendors.
 And I loved the straw on the floor!  Perfect touch.
 The feel of the event was so creative and fun.
Vendors dressed in lace and bling... like a party.
 And there was so much talent displayed.
 I am so in love with these chairs.
 Honestly awesome, fantastic... just wow.
 My group went on Saturday morning, the second day.
 But it did not feel picked over at all.
 Would you look at these wonderful displays?
 So, so much fun.
 I was junk-drunk!
 So many wonderful ideas.
 I met as many of the vendors as I could.
 Most were from the area... who knew?
 I have tried to follow all of them online now.
So I will give you the links and you can too!
Lisa, I am now such a fan of you...
We love dreamers... and wow did you dream big!

Here is my thoughts after the day.

#1.  It should have been in a magazine.
It was that pretty.
It was that neat.
It should have been on some tv show.
Or something.

#2.  I want to do a booth next time.
I am not sure what or how...
But I would love to be a part of it.

#3.  Lisa Wilson...  you need a blog.
We would love to see more of your house and work!
(Of couse we would.)

If anything we would love you just for hanging a Chandelier in your barn!


Okay, here are the links for more info and to follow these wonderful artists.

The Barn Market Page start here for info and photos from the show.

This is Lisa... and her creations are called Altered Elements.

Little Red Porch

Rustic Owl Primatives

Lola Rue

Barley Moon Salvage

Amy Hendersweet 

Refind Designs

Okay, I know there is so, so, so many more!
If you want your booth added give me the link.
I will so glad to do so.

Was this cool or what?

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