Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Garden Is Protected By Scoob!

Scooby was watching my husband on the four wheeler up on the hill.
It is unusual for him to stand still long enough for me to photograph him like this.
The is Scoob... our 9 yr old Great Dane.
He is a sweetie really, but our UPS guy is not too convinced of that.
He scares the tar out of the garden visitors if they don't know he is here.
He is old for a Dane... but still about 140 pounds and strong as an ox.
He spends most of his day on the couch...
But I thought you would enjoy his "watch dog" pose today.

Do you think our dog is big enough to keep the boys away?
Nope, he has the opposite effect.. they come here to see the dog!


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  1. love danes, I knew he looked a little older. and 9 is an oldish age for a large dog. my grandfather and several of my uncles raised show quality danes for years. so I grew up with them and love them. My grandfather was a dog show judge for as long as I can remember and he loved his dogs! A Great Dane would be one of my choices if I were ever to make the commitment to owning a dog. your Scoobs looks very sweet and I bet a lot of people that dont know him are wary of him! lol! have a great day

  2. I can see why he scares the UPS guy. That's one big dog! LOL Oddly enough, the big dogs are often the ones that you have to be scared of. Most of the Great Danes we have run across are a bit lumbering, because they are so big, but fairly laid back at the same time. The little guys are often the ones with all the attitude at the leash free park where we go with our "boys".
    I don't usually join linking parties these days, but I will make an effort to join in one of your upcoming events.

  3. Scoob looks in excellent health! He looks very dignified!


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