Sunday, August 10, 2014

Funny Name, Beautiful Hydrangea-- "Pinky-Winky"

About 6 or 7 years ago I was completely and utterly garden crazy.
Oh I know you say I am still now... but really.... the garden was brand new...
and I was more than a bit obsessed with it.
I wanted anything cottage... anything pink.... big bold blooms....
I ooooed and awwweed at the local nurseries.
I wanted one of everything.

But I distinctly remember the day I found "Pinky-Winky".
I had never heard of a paniculata hydrangea until then.
It was long before Limelight had came out.
To me it looked like a cross between a hydrangea and a butterfly bush.
But better... so much better.
The blooms change colors?
Oh I had to have that....
White to Cream to Pink.... even almost Red.
Oh sign me up!
 It doesn't flop?  Really... I don't have to stake it at all?
Oh wow.... this is wonderful.
 It blooms on new wood?
The late spring frost won't bother it?
This changes everything.

And it did.... 
 It sparked my love affair with woody stemmed hydrangeas.
And now I have close to 10 different ones.
 But the one with the silly name... 
It was the first for me.
It is in the prime, #1 spot in the garden too.
Right next to the arbor and the garage.
You cannot miss it.
You wouldn't want to....
 Mine is full grown... at less than five feet at full bloom.
It is about as broad as it is tall.
But you will not mind giving it that much space.
It is stunning in every way.
To see more of the varieties I grow, 
check out my Hydrangeas Page.

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  1. Brooke you grow some of the most beautiful hydrangeas. Mine are sparse this year and my pinky winky is completely engulfed by other plants. My plan is to rescue it soon. I completely forgot about the Tuesday party since I had surgery. I will add the link to my Monday post and link in then...can't wait!!

  2. Now that is a beautiful Hydrangea. You have a magnificent specimen. That for sure is on my wish list.
    My favourite at this time is Vanille Fraise......a paniculata.

  3. wunderschöne bilder, ihr garten ist herrlich!!! alles liebe von angie

  4. I love hydrangeas and didnt know there was so much variety. Are any of them good in partial shade

  5. I can see why you were smitten, Brooke! It is just lovely! It really does look pretty with the large white one in the background, too. I have never heard of this variety, but now I am on the hunt.....Your gardens are so beautiful. xo Karen

  6. I am a hydrangea lover too. That is a beautiful variety that I have never seen nor heard of either.
    Truly a beauty. I have had no luck in growing them, because they can't take the Florida heat, and have
    to have just the perfect spot with only morning sun. Think I finally found the spot, so this year I did have
    a few bloom, altho they were small, but am learning more about them, so hoping next year will be
    even better. Your walkway garden looks gorgeous.
    Blessings, Nellie


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