Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five... Welcome To August!

1.  I simply cannot believe school starts a week from today.
2.  I hate hot weather and cold weather in equal amounts.
I dream of endless spring and fall.
These cool days this week make me want to bring out the pumpkins and plaid!
3.  I have rearranged my craft closet extensively this week.
I am now somewhat organized but lack the desire to drag it all out and create something.
 4.  This week I was over the moon thrilled 
one of my favorite bloggers listed me as one of their favorites.
We also celebrated 13,000 facebook followers.
Wow... that just blows my mind a bit.
5.  I am in a rut cooking again... trying to cook healthy and satisfy this crew is almost impossible.
Especially when your married to a man who does not eat tomatoes, onions, peppers (or almost any vegetable beside corn and potatoes) and does not like chicken!
This summer has been a treat-a-thon.
We have got to start eating better.
Less going out to eat and snacks.
You know the drill...
What is going on with you this week?

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  1. Love the vignettes! And wouldn't it be wonderful if we had spring and fall without the long winter and the hot summer between. sigh. I'm always eager to welcome fall with, as you said, the plaid and the pumpkins, but it is much too short a season. Happy August to you!

  2. As I am not yet so long following your blog I was surprised of your lovely interior photos. I am very keen on cooking healthy food, but oooh I have the same problem with my husband, he does not fancy vegetables and only likes beans, peas and carrots.......... Hope the weather will improve in August at your side of the world. We have lovely warm summer weather, not too hot, not too cold.


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