Thursday, July 31, 2014

Treasures Await You As You Open The Door...

Recently we I have made a few changes in the front entry and I thought you might enjoy a look around.

I have also updated the look of the blog... if you are reading on a email or reader...
This area is just off my Vintage Office and it has a similar look.
The things here have sentimental value with many collected treasures from over the years. 
The dresser is a favorite of mine.  I had it in the bedroom for years.
But it has such good bones I decided to use it downstairs.
Plus it is nice to have places to stash things!
 Recently I have been a bit obsessed with antique plates... especially with pink roses.
These can be quite pricey in antique stores... but most of mine are from yard sales.
The pink rose theme continues in the little print in the frame.
 I love vintage frames so much I even framed a little plate!
 Antique gold ties this area together.  There are touches of it everywhere.
 Even in some of the plates... they are all so pretty.
 Of course the crown of it all is my Grandma Gertie's table chandelier.
To say this is rare is an understatement.
It is huge, over 3 ft and soooo heavy!
It takes two hands to lift and it has 10 lights in it.
8 in the lower and two in the top.
 I love the crystals.  When I was little I use to take them and play they were earrings.
 Which is why I had to replace the lower ones.
I don't know if Grandma even noticed... lol.
 More gold in some candle sticks with some bling.
The burlap roses and runner add come vintage charm.
The detail on the smaller frame... love the patina.
I added some lace to some inexpensive candles.
 A close up of the fabric runner, I love the touch of red and more roses.
 The garden angel is crumbling and kept falling over in the garden.
To save her she came inside and now I can enjoy her all year.
The column was a thrift store find... it was a yucky green and I painted it.
Here you can see how the new floors are on either side of this area.
But I liked the tile and think it looks nice and bright.
 Its funny how when you photograph your house you see all the flaws.
I see I need to wrap up the cord behind the dresser.
But the cutest thing is my dog Miley peeking down from the stairs!
Did you see her?

Thanks so much for stopping by and looking at my little treasures.
I sure hope you can come back a visit again soon.

Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She is an avid gardener and grows a cottage-style free flowering “mass of color” landscape. She also does a video series called “Notes From A Country Garden” on YouTube.  She loves to talk about gardening and often lectures at area Gardening Events and Clubs.  Her home and garden is located in Southern Indiana and open to small groups upon request.  You can contact her at
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  1. wow, sie haben ein wunderschönes zuhause!!! angie

  2. Brooke,
    I have said it before and I will say it again, i love your style!! I also LOVE your grandmother's lamp and your use of gold. Gold is coming back again. It never left my house!!


  3. Lovely entry, Brooke. I've pinned your framed plate. That's a super idea. Pinned the candle, too. Very sweet. Your grandmother's table chandelier is over the top gorgeous. Have a great weekend. ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

  4. Love your beautiful home and all the gorgeous antiques!

  5. I love what I see so far. I love home also and your is very hands on and beautiful. Hope you also will take a look at my pages also. Great work here. I can't seem to leave an open url for my website at

  6. Absolutely beautiful!

  7. The lamp is wonderful, but the dog, peaking out, takes my heart!
    Hope you can stop by and linkup your lovely post this week!

  8. Such a beautiful entry, love the lamp...gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  9. Hi, Brooke - what a beautiful and detailed foyer. I love all of the little touches that you added. Thank you for sharing at On Display Thursday - we are so glad to have you!

  10. Great post, love all the sweet touches, please stop by Tuesdays with a Twist live on my blog and see that I have featured this post. Thanks again and have a great week. :-)


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