Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Wildflowers That Steal My Heart....

This week the Butterfly Hill has been calling to me...
 To sit and enjoy all the wonderful wild beauty.
 Of these prairie wildflowers - Blazing Star {Liatris}, Coneflowers and Russian Sage.
 Is there anything more lovely in a country garden?
I am so drawn to the purples, blues and pinks...
 I will miss the blazing stars when they fade.
This is the perfect place to enjoy evening looking over the lake.
 And to listen for the frogs to start in the evening...
 As you might have guessed, I have upgraded my camera a bit...Okay a bunch....
I have a new Cannon Rebel T3 with two new lenses.
I am in heaven... amazed at how the photos are looking.
But I am loving my long range micro lens for these close ups!
 So look for bunches of new posts this week.
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  1. What a treat this morning to see your garden in full flush. Have fun with your new toy!

  2. looooooove your flower pics!!!!! angie from germany

  3. You have captured the garden beautifully with your new lens. I do love the close-ups!


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