Sunday, July 13, 2014

Phlox Blooms in the Summer Sun...

Is there anything prettier than old fashioned phlox in bloom?
It just says summer to me....  I just love these old fashioned beauties.
 These lovely blooms are Bright Eyes {Pink), David {White} and Old Fashioned Purple-Pinks.
 They look lovely with the Pinky-Winky Hydrangea.
 Just magical in the sun... and they smell good too.
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  1. Phlox is such a great addition to the colorful garden. And the pollinators love it too!

  2. Some of the best photos you've ever posted. It's so nice to see a different view.

  3. Beautiful gardens!! Love the video above it too. I just found you and have become a follower. Do you use anything on your phlox to keep powdery mildew away?

  4. They are just lovely! Not least with 'Pinky winky'.

  5. I love phlox. I wish it would spread quicker though. My neighbour really has a nice patch. Anyway, lovely pictures.

  6. I just love the combination of your phlox and hydrangeas. Gorgeous!


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