Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Floor Reveal - Living Room

Welcome back dear friends and new readers!
Today we will be touring our casual living room at our lakeside home.
We just added these Chestnut stained floors and I am thrilled to show them to you.
I love all the colors and reclaimed look of them!
They have totally made our 8 yr old house look new again.
 I also have some new decor to share with you....
 The Paris pillows were an Ebay find... the ones behind them I made this winter.
The barrel lampshade is so cute... I love al the script on it.
I have a very rustic-garden-vintage theme going on here.
I also made a runner for my wash-stand side table.
 Gallery wall of family pictures and nick-knacks.
 I am love this room for it light... it is almost a sun room.
I made the toppers too... I have this print in most of the downstairs.
 I just love plaids and it really looks nice against the floors.
I know how bloggers just hate leather furniture and recliners.
You know... they are not my favorite look either...
but I have a family and two dogs...
And I love it that I can just wipe them off.
And let me tell you... if you lived here... 
you would fight me for the chocolate recliner... 
It is so comfy!

So this is the dog in your lap... 
eat ice cream...
snuggle in for the night room.

So maybe it is not high-style...
but it is comfy and homey and well-loved.

And that is what a Living Room ought to be.
Lived in...
 Plus it has a wonderful view of our lake.
And the firepit area!

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  1. Your floors are lovely in your country style home!

  2. Beautiful and this floor is in our plans too for the bedrooms; pretty soon I think! Gorgeous view out your window and hey, I love leather couches and I know they're like a bed... so comfy!

  3. Brooke,
    Those chestnut floors are gorgeous!!!
    Love the plaid drapes!
    I agree, that your home should be "lived~in", dear friend!!!
    Thank you for sharing your new flooring with us!

  4. What a lovely home and the view is wonderful.


  5. Your new floors look perfectly lovely and warm in your living room. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  6. Brooke,
    Another great space!! Love the color of the walls and your floors!!



  7. Not sure if I posted a comment earlier! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday - your office looks wonderful,

  8. Love the floor. Unique to your home.


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