Monday, July 21, 2014

Hydrangeas and Lilies--- The Perfect Cottage Combination

Gosh, I wish you could smell this post!

Lol... they lilies are so fragrant.
Of course I love the blooms... 
but the scent would make it a must have in the garden.
These are my Stargazer Lilies in full bloom.
They have been there about 4 years and have slowly multiplied.
There are three different colors.
Pale pink, the traditional darker pink and the white with little edges of pink.
The darker pink is most hearty and multiplies faster.
But I love them all.

The coneflowers are everywhere around here.
I just love them... these are Miss Kims I believe.

The lovely hydrangea is Strawberry Vanilla... and it is wonderful.
It will soon turn pink and last until fall with lovely blooms.
It is about 3 years in that spot... it will get much larger in time.

I am so happy to share these photos with you because
you can actually see how the garden relates to the lake.
With my old camera it was impossible to get a clear shot of the entire area.
Now with the wide lens.... 
you can see the garden and how the lake is the backdrop.

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  1. Very very pretty! The flowers are so pretty and your photos rock!

  2. Lovely photos - my hydrangea has not bloomed this year, but the lilies have just started and I am enjoying them.


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