Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hot Colors in the Back Gardens...

 Welcome back dear readers and new followers!
 Things are heating up in the back gardens as summer comes in full swing.
My reseeding annuals are thriving in the full sun of these southern facing beds.
Blazing bright colors add a drama to this long border and can be seen from a distance away.
 Old fashioned marigolds, blanket flowers and hybrid daylilies are a perfect match. 
The backdrop of lush foliage adds to the effect.
 Helping the garden to be seen nicely from the lake as well as the road.
Looking towards the rose garden the colors continue.
 Lovely tall knautia is the deep red blooms... it is a butterfly magnet.
The tall plants add a bit of shade and privacy under the deck.
 The lush plantings keep the weeds away and loads of interest with so many different bloom times.
Anemones will be blooming later this summer, but the coneflowers and hydrangeas are lovely this month.
 But July is all about the daylilies in my garden.
I just cannot get enough of them.

This summer has been a nice one thus far.
I have actually hardly had the hoses out at all.
We have had steady rains all year and just when I
think I need to start watering another system comes thru.

I still need to be working on weeding 
and mulching a bit this week
A slight reprieve from the home improvement projects.
Hubby is off all next week and we will be finishing the floors
and the areas that still need painted on the deck.

It's always something going on here!
I can't believe the kids will be back to school in a month.
This summer is flying by....

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