Sunday, July 6, 2014

Early July in my Country Gardens....

Welcome back dear readers and new followers.
Well the 4th is past us now... and I need some rest!
 We have had lots of fun... but camping and activities in the evenings
and working on the floors during the day has just about done us in!
 It is Sunday morning and we should finish up today.
 Then I have to put everything back in place.
 But the new floors look wonderful and I am thrilled.
{see the kittens?}
 The cats follow me all over the garden... so sweet.
 Okay, lets talk flowers... this is my Blue Rose of Sharon and it is fantastic.
I love how it anchors that corner with blooms.
 The phlox is adding lovely pink and purple blooms and loads of scent.
I cleaned up this area and removed a ton of yarrow so more of the roses could be seen.
They are getting ready to rebloom again.
 The ninebark diablo shrub adds vibrant color in deep reds.
 The paniculata hydrangeas are just getting going.
The one to the left is Pinky-Winky.
 Here is a better look.
 I have limbed up these shrubs so you can see the underplantings.
Making my Rose of Sharon more of a tree than a bush.
 More dramatic color with my Japanese Maple leaves.
And the lovely coneflowers in the background.
These are Kim's Pink I believe.
Seed verbena and white sweet alyssum bloom as reseeding annuals each year in this area.
They are my flowering groundcovers.
Sweet Blue the kitten wants to be in the shots today too.
Here you can see some of the underplantings of hostas and ferns.
On the chore list this week...
More weeding.... always weeding.
Cutting back spent perennials.
Japanese beetle control!   {Yes, they are back.}
Adding mulch around new plants.
And yes, watering... it is getting a bit dry here.
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  1. Everything is beautiful! LOVE your house! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. You have a very lovely garden! Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Love all your beautiful! I would love to have a garden like this one must love sitting out on that gorgeous porch.

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  4. Your gardens look beautiful Brooke.


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