Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colorful Cottage Garden in Full Summer Bloom

Welcome dear readers and new friends!
It is daylily season and we are in full bloom.
Today I am just sharing a tiny part of all the blooms.
Here is my rose garden area with cottage style plantings.
Enjoy the tour!!

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  1. I love summer and your riotous color in your garden, Brooke! It's gorgeous!

  2. What a great garden. There's so much color and so many cute little decorations.

  3. Hopping over for a visit from my front porch! Your gardens are beautiful! I love the variety and how you have it mixed, it looks so natural. I am now a follower and will be back to visit often. I love your blog, you have lots of creativity! Dazee (

  4. Gorgeous color set against your classic white backdrop!

  5. What a lovely garden you've created. With the lilies and other flowers, the colours are beautiful. An arbour and white picket fence just add to the charm. That's a very impressive view you have as well.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  6. lovely garden, I really want to get out in the garden its either been too hot or wet. I am getting ideas for now and hoping for the best, Looking at other garden inspires me. LOVE it


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