Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Country Welcome...

Hello dear friends and country neighbors near and far...
 Hope you all are doing well and enjoying this nice reprieve in the temperatures.
We had a nice rain shower and it cooled down a bit in Indiana.
 Enough to freshed up the garden and the gardener a bit.
Today I wanted to show you the lovely blooms at the driveway beds.
 These are Hyperion Daylilies and an lovely Annabelle Hydrangea.
The spireas are done blooming, but the grasses and perennials are doing good out by the road.
 This area is so cheery and welcoming, swaying in the breezes.
 We are still in the throes of remodeling... my entire downstairs is a work zone.
All of the carpet is up and the trim is getting polyed today...
So hopefully we can start laying the floors tonight or in the early morning.
 So I am in my paint clothes and hoping to get a bunch finished up today.
I can't wait to show you some inside pics soon... who knows I may just redecorate the whole house!
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  1. I love your huge Farmhouse and the approach is so welcoming, Brooke!

  2. What a lovely setting that leads to your home. I started reading with interest, wondering where this open expanse of land is (I'm an East Coaster) and was delighted to see it's in Indiana. I've only recently become acquainted with the pretty countryside of the state, as my daughter goes to school there. So, as an adoptive Hoosier, I'm not surprised to see and enjoy your wonderful garden... :-)

  3. Beautiful propert yadn home! Over from grace at Home this morning. Happy 4th of July. Linda @ bushelandapickle

  4. Your home and gardens are stunning. So glad that you got rain.

  5. Your gardens look great. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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