Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Think PINK on the Butterfly Hill...

 Hello sweet friends... Welcome Back!
 It is looking like Summer on the Butterfly Hill!
Everything is turning pink and pretty like this lovely daylily.
 And the wonderful grasses...
 Yarrows...Primroses... and Coneflowers!
 Can you tell I love PINK?
 Soon the sedums, gayflowers and crepe myrtles will join in.
Loads of texture and movement in this area.
 I could spent hours on this bench watching the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
 Thanks so much for visiting... come back soon!


  1. Beautiful - it's really nice to see a different view.

    I've asked this before......do you paint your edging rocks or are they that white?

  2. That stone is native here... it comes that way@!

  3. Beautiful garden, and great shots.

    Eva Jorunn

  4. It's too bad about your Hydrangeas freezing, I totally lost all my mopheads one bad winter. So last year I bought Endless Summer which is hardier, and also a paniculata which is getting some buds on it so I'm excited to see it bloom. Your garden is so lovely, I enjoyed the tour.

  5. That's a great place to slowly wander and see all the great colors and sights!

  6. You have such lovely gardens. I also watched the video : ) Love your animals, too.

  7. beautiful garden, some lovely ideas.


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