Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rose Week.... Day 5

 Welcome back to Rose Week here at Creative Country Mom's Garden!
 As you can see we have lots more color now in the raised beds in the Rose Garden.
 The Peach Drift roses continue to amaze me year after year at how beautiful they are.
 Soft shades of apricot, peach, pink to yellow to cream with deep green foliage.
These roses are some of the healthiest in the garden and are just stunning.
Blue Salvia, peonies and pink double knockouts outside the fence.
The garden boots add some interest to the posts I have to keep the hoses from damaging the roses.
I love symmetry even in a country garden.
 A view towards the heirloom rose climbing up the far post to the deck.
 My climbing new dawn is going up the arbor with blooms.
Soon it will be over the top again.
We had some winter damage, but it is coming back nicely.
 Shogun Japanese Irises are my mom and I's favorites right now.
I love how they seem to match the garden bench and float over the roses.
 I am glad I took pics when I did, we have had flooding, hail and wind this week.
Most of these blooms were gone by later that day.
We just can't seem to have a good Spring for roses in Indiana.
 I could take pics of these irises all day.
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Happy Gardening....Brooke

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