Friday, June 6, 2014

Rose Week - Day 4

Hey there!
Welcome back to Rose Week here at Creative Country Mom's Garden!
Maybe I should have made it Rose Month and did 30 days...
I sure do have a bunch to share with you!
Good thing we have all summer to do it.
 Today we are looking at the front gardens.
This is what you see as you walk to my front door.
Today we are focusing in the triangle shaped bed around the arbor.
Can't leave out this lovely iris blooming!
This is 'Cherry Blossom Song'. 
 There are loads of perennials and hydrangeas getting ready to bloom.
But today it's about the roses.
The pretty groundcover rose is Peach Drift.
I just love the color peach in a garden... so soft.
 White salvia, white yarrow and catmint or nepeta fill this bed with blooms.
The pink roses that go all the way up the walk are Pink Double Knockout roses.
 There are 7 of them in all up this area.
I cut them way back this spring... 
they are normally about twice this size.
But I wanted plenty of room to work in these beds.
And now they look new and more compact.
I wish you could see the movement with the yarrow and the butterflies that migrate to this area.
 They love to land on the flat heads and flutter.
Yarrow is kind of a weed, but I love how it can fill and be so lush.
I just whack it back and yank it out when it gets out of control.
It spills over the rocks and then my husband gets it with the edger.
 The blue of the nepeta gives some beautiful contrast... 
it is more prominent than the photos show.
 Also in this bed is four peonies and many hybrid irises.
They have since bloomed and been cut back.
Soon the phlox, daylilies and hydrangeas will draw your attention. 
But for this week, I am enjoying the lovely roses.
I hope you are as well!

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  1. Your gardens are very lovely Brooke. I am a new follower and I hope you will follow me back too. I love roses and have about 100 bushes and also love iris's.
    Have a great week in the garden.


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