Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rose Week - Day 3

Welcome back to day three of Rose Week!
I am so happy to show you more of the Spring flush of roses.
 Lets take a closer peek at the blooms in the raised beds today.
 Most of these are either hybrid teas and a few shrub or ground cover roses.
 I love to add country accents with the roses.
The large horse shoes add some fun along the border.
 This garden has a great view of the lake and backyard.
I love the fence and arbor... the roses are climbing it nicely now. 
Looking on to my potting area under the deck.
I have been painting and redoing this area for a future post! 
 This time of year there is so much to look at!
 The daylilies and summer perennials are almost ready.

Want to know the names of some of my roses?
Visit My It's All About The Roses Page for closeups and more information!

Thanks so much for visiting my country garden.
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Much love....Brooke


  1. I love the rose garden.. It is beautiful! I am thinking of planting several roses....may have waited to late but I love roses.. Your yard is just lovely! Blessings!

  2. All your garden decorations just set your garden off. Very pretty.

  3. Here visiting from the Niffty Thrifty Things link party. I am so impressed as I scroll through photos of your garden! It's just lovely. We don't yet have a yard, but when we do, I hope to garden as well as you do! I particularly adore your irises, as the purple iris is Tennessee's state flower (our home). Blessings!


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