Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid-June in the Back Gardens...

Hello dear friends and new readers!  
 Welcome to my Southern Indiana garden.
Today we are exploring the backyard gardens starting at the Butterfly Hill. 
 This nepeta is lovely in blue.
 The grasses are starting to bloom as the spireas are finishing up.
 This area has lots to enjoy... it is hard to get in one shot.
 Soon it will be filled with pinks from the daylilies, coneflowers and crepe myrtles.
 The old fashioned ditch lilies are blooming along the driveway.
And a few in the lower beds...
 Asiatic lilies are still vibrant at the back walk.
The little oakleaf hydrangea has a few blooms to share this week.
 Blanketflowers are vibrant in orange as my reseeding annuals mature.
 Little sunny yellow coreopsis fill in with bits of color. 
 Soon light purple phlox will fill this area with sweet scents and colors.
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  1. I just found out about your blog,i was looking around a bit on blogger .I will follow now and come back later to se more.You have such a beautifull blog .I'm from Holland so my Englisch wil not be perfect .I love gardening in my tiny garden and i love roses !!
    Greatings Elisabeth


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