Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let The Sun Shine... I'll Be In The Lake!

 Hello dear readers and new visitors!
 It is such a pretty day here at the lake.
 I am not going to gripe about how hot it is....
 But rather enjoy the lovely blooms.
 And the sweet kittens... have you found them yet?  
Look close.
 Today we will actually be home in the evening.
Been a busy week car shopping and dealing with insurance stuff.
 But my hubby has already called me and told me were swimming as soon as he gets home.
The girls are at my cousins... in her pool. 
So as soon as I get off here I am airing up my rafts and changing into the swimsuit.
Yeah, that sounds really good to me.
Hope you too are enjoying these Summer Days!


  1. Saw the cute little kittens playing in the front yard. Love to watch them play when they are little. Your flower beds look so pretty and frame your beautiful home.
    Hope you had a great swim - that's the way to stay cool.

  2. Great video and beautiful gardens, Brooke! It's always nice to put a voice with a face!


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