Saturday, June 14, 2014

June at the Driveway Gardens

 Hello dear readers and new visitors today!
 A few times a year I try to share with you our driveway plantings.
 They are the first impression you get as you come to our home.
I get a bunch of comments from 'locals' about the rock beds in front.
I love the idea of driveway beds... so welcoming and interesting passing by.
I see so many homes and think... I could really make that look
 I did these gardens about 5 years ago now.
It amazes me how matured they look already.
I did not do any amendments here... just mulched after planting.
 These areas are heavy on tough evergreens and hearty perennials.
Sedums are abundant and I will be adding more to fill in under the shrubs.
Golden moss sedum is doing well at the mailbox and I have oodles of it.
I just break off a piece and stick it in the dirt and they take off.
 But I snuck a few blooming shrubs in as well.
There is a Sunny Yellow knockout rose.
A hot pink weigela and two pink spireas.
The stella d'oro daylilies are blooming this month.
When I planted them I did not know they were stellas...
But I am kind of glad to have them, they do so well and rebloom.
They were leftovers from the garden club sale I 'adopted' into my gardens.
So were the irises and variegated liriope.
Actually I kind of have a pink and yellow theme going out here.
But it goes good with the rocks and shows up nicely against the evergreens.
Both in the blooms and in some of the foliage of the shrubs. 
 I love the tall grasses and the movement they give.
There is a yellow zebra grass on the opposite side that is still coming up over the rocks.
It will be quite tall by fall and add more interest.
 The Juniper is a Spartan... it is dramatic and full and looks good all year.
Boxwoods are abundant, I give them a little trim to keep them compact.
The weigela is the larger loose shrub, it will be trimmed up this week.
It is just done blooming... it was pink most of May.
This area never gets watering and minimum weeding...
My hose does not reach this far and I just deadhead and weed occasionally.
There is much to do in a country home... 
so a bed that mostly takes care of itself is a very good thing!
Thanks so much for stopping in today.
I would love for you to be a new follower too...
Happy Gardening...Brooke

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  1. That was such a lovely video. Your home and gardens are just beautiful! I really enjoyed visiting.


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