Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Create A Cottage Style Garden

Hello dear readers and new friends.
 Welcome to Creative Country Mom's Garden located in Southern Indiana.
 My name is Brooke Kroeger and I am an avid gardener and decorator.
I have been blogging for about 6 years and enjoy sharing my home and garden with my readers.
My favorite styles is Cottage-Country Gardens. 
 I love to infuse loads of bright colors and movement in my designs.
My goal is to have something blooming 9 months a year.
The deep winter will be for my evergreens and garden structures.
But I start with early bulbs and hope for a long show into December.
 So each bed has to have Early Spring  to Late Fall  interest.
That takes a bit of planning.
An fellow gardener once told me...
"Plan for Spring and Fall and Summer will take care of itself."
That is great advise on gardening.
 I try to repeat similar colors in at least 3-5 places from each view.
 Cottage gardens should flow easily in the landscape.
I use long drifts of full beds... a path of blooms to enjoy.
White is a color in garden design.
Just because a home is white, does not mean it won't show up.
Quite the opposite, these Japanese Irises are glowing.
I add white blooms in all of my beds for softness and highlights.
 Don't be afraid to add height to a cottage garden.
Not everything needs to be seen in a glance.
A large shrub can serve as a divider making your garden into vignettes.
 Cottage gardens are maintained, but never manicured.
Let things spill over, but keep your paths walkable.
Pathways are charming in a garden.
Think of them as a river and add curves to highlight plantings.
Stone or gravel is an easy solution you can do yourself. 
If possible, rocks make great edgers.
Our land is full of rocks, when I dig I find them.
They never go to waste...
 Arbors, fences and posts are great accents.
My arbor was a dumpster dive... it was broken and green with mold.
I cleaned it and my husband repaired it.
It makes a nice impression from the road and the garden.
 Window Boxes are a cottage must.
Mine have been slow to fill out this year, 
but they will be overflowing by mid-summer.
 Focal points add depth.
My grouping of flowering trees will bloom in a few weeks.
But even with just the leaves they lead you in.
Don't be afraid to add darker colors in a cottage garden.
The burgundy leaves add drama and make the brighter blooms shine.
 Give big impact plants like this Invincebelle Spirit Hydrangea the room to shine.
Have lower growing underplantings so you can enjoy all of the blooms.
Not just the tallest ones.
 Don't be afraid to go all the way to the edge with plants.
The fuller the beds, the less room for weeds.
Lacey, airy blooms are perfect for a cottage garden. 
I love things like this Quickfire Hydrangea that start out white...
Then turn a darker pink as they age.
 My pink knockout roses tie this area together with a bow.
There are six of them in one island... they invite you up the path with color.
Don't be afraid to let some areas be open.
If there was a bed on the opposite side,
some of this area would be hidden from view.
I hope I have given you an idea or two for your own garden.
I do garden lectures in my area and also give garden tours during the season to groups.
Let me know if you would like me to speak or to set up a tour.
Happy Gardening...


  1. Your cottage garden is beautiful! Do you have certain plants for fall like mums?

  2. Brooke, your garden is really sweet and lovely.

  3. beautiful garden. I do so enjoy looking at pretty gardens. I like the gravel path, do you find it gets into the flower beds.?


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