Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ground Covers Can Be Pretty Too...

Welcome back!
Do you have a part of your garden that you just want to be easy?
Ummm... yeah!  We all do.
Are you tired of mulch?  Weeds?  Maintenance? 
Yes... Yes... and Heck Yes!
Then fill your beds with flowers I say!
White yarrow for example is almost a weed.
Literally, it comes up everywhere...
But why not use it to cover large areas.
It repeat blooms, you just whack it back and it looks like a ferny groundcover.
Then it will bloom again.
Too much?  Pull it out and pitch it.
Or give starts to a friends as I do.
 I've been growing groundcovers in this area for five years now... and literally... it is covered.
I still have my perennials, bulbs and shrubs... but no mulch is needed.
Is there weeds... well yes... but not as many as you'd think...
And each year there are less.
My main ground cover is Clown Plant or Houttuynia.
It is tricolored... green, yellow and pink on the leaves with white blooms.
Best of all... I love the smell, it has a fresh and clean scent.
 The little white blooms you see are this ground cover.
It blooms mid-June every year.
The white blooms compliment the Lollypop Lilies and of course... the kitten! 
 So... for the maintenance issue...  as you can see... it is coming out into the yard.
This is our rule... if it's over the rocks... its fair game for my husband to weed-eat it.
 But this area is not a high traffic and I love that it pretty much takes care of itself.
That is a good thing in my book!

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