Saturday, June 21, 2014

Daylily Days Are Here!

Today is the first day of Summer Daylily Season!
 Nothing says Summer in Southern Indiana like daylilies.
 We are plum crazy about them here.
 And for good reason...
They grow well in our soil and can handle our crazy weather.
 Each year they come back stronger.
 I grow over 30 different ones... so many I have a file on my computer with photos and names.
And still I do not know the half of them.
This one is Decatur Prince. 
 And these are Moonlit Masquerade. 
As I take close ups this week I will try to ID them as I go.
Collecting daylilies is quite addictive.
Thanks for popping in....Brooke


  1. Very pretty daylilies! I'll bet they look really fabulous once they all fill in with blooms. Wendy

  2. Very pretty. I have a big patch of old fashioned tiger lilies and I always enjoy them - although the day lilies seem to last longer and be more elegant. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Love your photo's. I love daylilies too, see them here a lot too.


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