Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vibrant Color at the Back Walk...

Good Morning My Sweets!
Storms rolled thru last night....
But it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day...
We needed some rain... so I am glad for it.
Today I wanted to show you the back walkway.
(Red Weigela Shrub)
I love all the reds and blues in bloom right now.
Pretty soon I am going to have to cut some of this back!
But for right now, I am enjoying all the colors.
(The big purple trees are Smoke Bushes, limbed up)
I need to move this clematis to a trellis, but it is so pretty growing up the shrubs.
(Ville De Lyon Clematis)
The main reason for cutting some if it back, is we are getting ready to stain the deck again.
But the blooms coming over the stairs are so charming!
I love my mock orange, but mine does not smell as wonderful as the old ones do.
At the other side of the stairs is two great plants....
Goldflame Honeysuckle is the green and pink vine...
and Ninebark Diablo is the dark leaved with pink/white blooms.
I love how the look together.
Here you can see a closeup of the Goldflame Honeysuckle.
It does smell and it is a rebloomer.
But the spring blooms are the best of the year.
See the old fashioned rose on the next post... it is so sweet.
It just blooms this one time, but it is very healthy and quickly going up the post.
I hope one day it will be all the way up the stairs too.
Blue Baptisia and old fashioned wild Columbine are wonderful this week.
The little chives are blooming their hearts out as well.
As you can see, lots of lovely things going on this week in my country garden.
I can't wait to show you more!
Come back soon and please consider becoming a new follower too.


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