Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pink Blooms on the Butterfly Hill...

Welcome Back To Creative Country Mom's Garden!
Today is a "Pink Saturday!"
I wanted to share all the lovely blooms at the Butterfly Hill.
Especially these wonderful Spireas.
They make such a huge statement when they bloom!
I have many accent colors that will be blooming soon... 
Like reds and blues in the roses and nepteas...
But I have to tell you.... I just cannot resist anything that blooms pink!
My little evergreens are getting bigger.
Slowly but surely everything is filling in and looking mature.
This bed is five years old this year.
But has went thru many changes.
This year is the best it has ever been.

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  1. This bed looks beautiful! Love the spirea, are those "Anthony Waterer"? I had some of those in my last garden, and they're awesome, because you can dig and divide the root ball to propagate them throughout the yard. Your pink blooms are lovely - I'm partial to pink myself. :-)

  2. Hi Brooke! Everything is certainly beautiful there my dear. Your spireas are so lovely in that hillside bed. Love them!
    sending hugs...


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