Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pie-Pan Safe Re-Styled in Neutrals

Burr.... it is cold and windy here today.
I had planned on a garden post to share... but it is way too cold for that!
So lets take a peek in my farmhouse kitchen.

Here was the pie-pan safe before with it was done in blues.
And here it is now... in neutrals.
It works better with the wallpaper.
I do love blue... but I like the new look too.
Its lighter and easier to get to the crocks (that I actually use).
♥ Plus I wanted to add this new wire basket ♥
Lots of country goodies... nothing too fancy.... but cute.
I am still in love with my new $10 copper light.
It's just right with the big table.
What else is going on?
The horse fence is coming down... we are about halfway done.
And yesterday a friend and I went plant shopping.
I have this lovely collection in the entry now.
I have enjoyed them all day.
I will wait a few more days to plant anything.
Did I tell you how cold it is???

Thanks for visiting....Brooke

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  1. Totally cute pie safe! and for the record......I'm still in love with your copper pendant too! Don't ever post your address, because I will not be held responsible when it comes up


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