Monday, May 5, 2014

My Funky-Junky Rose Garden

Welcome to my messy Rose Garden!
It could best be described as my play house.
It is my favorite place on the whole property.
Because here anything goes.
There is no plan.
No color scheme.
Anything is welcome.
Yard sale goodies... rusty-crusty... just plain junk.
It all somehow works with me.
The plants are around two large raised beds.
That have a Southern view of the lake.
We love the cozy feel of the fence and arbor.
Like it is secret garden tucked away.
It is all around my walk-out basement.
And under the deck.
Below the deck is my work areas.
Lots of metal tubs with starts in them.
But mostly it is all about pampering the roses.
You can see these beds from inside the house.
And looking down from the deck.
To me it has been a great use of what could be awkward space.
But I turned it into a little piece of country paradise!

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  1. How absolutely charming! I love your anything goes philosophy! And who can resist a garden surrounded by a white picket fence!


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