Thursday, May 29, 2014

Irises and other lovely Spring Blooms...

Welcome.... I'm so glad you here!
It is a busy day here!
Today is the last day of school and summer vacation begins!
This lovely beauty is "Rancho Rose".
One of my very favorites!
I bet you can tell why... so pretty.
But it is hard to pick favorites...
This is Cherub Smile... slightly paler... but still wonderful.
I love it when they all bloom at once.
This is Lady Friend... one of my most dramatic.
Purple is Superstition.
Blue and White is Mariposa Skies.
Pink is Rock Star.
Burgundy is Cranberry Cordali.
Peach is Orange Harvest.
Another view of this bed.
Alien Mist
Roses and peonies add to the mix.
A view past the rose garden...
I love my Spring bloomers!

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  1. Such beautiful irises. I especially like the pink ones. :)


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