Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Breezy Front Walk....

Hello dears!
 Wow is it windy here at the lake!
 I spent most of the day in the garden.
 Planting my garden club sale purchases. 
 And transplanting two roses.
Two had reverted into the root stock rose... yuck.
So now I have moved two from other areas into the rose garden.
 I also added three new clematises... I love them.
 The white Jap. Irises are so striking.
I have blue/purple ones, pink ones and these white...
I love them all.
Don't ask the names... I don't have a clue!
 Front border with catmint, irises and peonies in bloom.
This is always one of my favorite areas when it all blooms.
Notice anything on the porch?
The dog pen is up there for the kittens!
We have six super cute babies playing on the porch now.
They have to sleep in the pen to stay safe at night and when I am gone.
I will do a post about them this week.

Thanks for stopping by....Brooke

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