Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pink Blooms on the Butterfly Hill...

Welcome Back To Creative Country Mom's Garden!
Today is a "Pink Saturday!"
I wanted to share all the lovely blooms at the Butterfly Hill.
Especially these wonderful Spireas.
They make such a huge statement when they bloom!
I have many accent colors that will be blooming soon... 
Like reds and blues in the roses and nepteas...
But I have to tell you.... I just cannot resist anything that blooms pink!
My little evergreens are getting bigger.
Slowly but surely everything is filling in and looking mature.
This bed is five years old this year.
But has went thru many changes.
This year is the best it has ever been.

Thanks for visiting!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Blanket Flowers in a Country Mixed Border

Hello again dears!
Today I wanted to share how much I enjoy good old Blanket Flowers.
How stunning is this?
Could there be any more perfect perennial?
Its drought resistant, blooms for months, easy to grow from seed....
And look how great it looks in the borders!
Soon there will be much more orange in this bed... but for now...
The Blanket Flowers are stealing the show.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Irises and other lovely Spring Blooms...

Welcome.... I'm so glad you here!
It is a busy day here!
Today is the last day of school and summer vacation begins!
This lovely beauty is "Rancho Rose".
One of my very favorites!
I bet you can tell why... so pretty.
But it is hard to pick favorites...
This is Cherub Smile... slightly paler... but still wonderful.
I love it when they all bloom at once.
This is Lady Friend... one of my most dramatic.
Purple is Superstition.
Blue and White is Mariposa Skies.
Pink is Rock Star.
Burgundy is Cranberry Cordali.
Peach is Orange Harvest.
Another view of this bed.
Alien Mist
Roses and peonies add to the mix.
A view past the rose garden...
I love my Spring bloomers!

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Cottage Style Blooms at the Front Walks....

Welcome Back!
Thanks so much for visiting today!!
Before May has come and gone... 
I wanted to show you more of my Spring blooms.
I love a cottage style garden.
Abundance of blooms, color and LUSH!
Mixed planting of high and low blooms.
I want you to have something pretty all season long.
A tapestry of colors where everything goes.

Shrubs add drama with dark contrasting leaf colors...
And of course, it is a bonus when they bloom as well.
But really, it is all about the flowers for me.
The roses are just ready to POP!
This walk will be filled with pink the next time you visit.
But until then I have loads of irises and peonies.
My hydrangeas will be next.
Isn't this 'Doreen' peony just lovely?
The peonies have been so pretty this year.
A look up the path to the porch...
Soon my coneflowers and daylilies will overflow this area.
What else is in this bed?
Phlox, yarrow, boxwoods... it is FULL!
But I love it that way...
See this low area... it won't be for long.
There is a lovely Snow in the Summer Viburnum growing into this area.
You can barely see it, but it is blooming already.
It will fill this space in no time! 
I hope you love county-cottage style gardens as much as I do!
More is just...BETTER!
Thanks so much for visiting....Brooke