Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Time For A Birthday Party!

Welcome dear friends!
This week has been all about the girls.
Well, every week is pretty much that.
But my little one is turning 12 this week.
So it's time for a PARTY at the Kroeger house.
Come on in!
Last year I gave grandma's dining room set back to my momma...
But I still have plenty of room in the old dining room slash office.
So I brought in a folding conference table for the party.
And of course... I got carried away decorating.
I had a vintage bedsheet from a yard sale (only $1!) and a runner I made one year when the garden was on tour.  It too is out of a sheet.  I love this little print!  So cute.
I added some lace and my crystal goodies filled with candy of course.
The chairs were from all over the house... but I like mismatched and they were perfect.
Of course it did not stay so perfect... this was soon after!
That is the 'stash' pose... its a kid thing.
The big kids aka adult table was decorated as well.
I love my mason jars as glasses.
Heres another shot of the crew.
There were 9 in all that stayed the night.
I think they were up till almost 3 am.
My dogs are exhausted... too much excitement.
But it's all worth it... she's a pretty good kid.
I think we'll keep her.

Thanks for stopping by... 
Remember the Home Sweet Garden Tuesday Party will be live tomorrow evening!
Get your entries ready and I can't wait to see what you share.

Love to all...Brooke

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