Monday, April 7, 2014

A Warm Country Kitchen on a Cold, Rainy Day....

Hello dears!
Thanks for stopping by....
Come on in out of the rain!
Welcome to my Warm Country Kitchen.
This weekend's weather was very nice.
We did some shopping on Saturday.
And Sunday was a work day here in the garden 
and washing down the siding on our house.
But today is another matter...
It is rainy and cold.
And a Monday.
And I am in my jammies.
It's a day to snuggle in.
So I have the little candles in the jars lit in the pie pan safe.
I just love the sweet little glow they give off.
And the big candle on the table.
It is Sugar Cookie I think.
Something that smells like I am baking.
Today I have did dishes and picked up around the house.
I still have the table and chairs to put away from the birthday party Friday night.
But mostly I will be puttering around the house.
Catching up on some TV and Miley/Mommy time.
My dog would love for me to just set with her all day.
As long as it keeps raining... I just might!

Stay warm and snuggle in dears...

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  1. I love slow days...especially those that allow us to just cuddle up and take it easy.. a little rain..some sweet smelling candles....Have a great week. Blessings!


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