Friday, March 14, 2014

Vintage Floral Plate Statement Wall

Happy Friday my dears!
I wanted to show you how the plates looked since I finally have them hung.
I have two more to add, and they are somewhere in this house!
It's driving me crazy that I can't find
 Since so many of the plates have gold edges...  I changed out the display.
I really love the added bling and the artsy bird print.
Burlap, bling and a crown... what's not to love?
 If you are keeping count, this is the third time I have worked on this area since I painted it.
But it has been so much fun to change it out.
Remember, before it was done in reds... so this is completely different for me.
 But the Vintage Style is more my style.
I am so happy I redid it and took the wallpaper down.
It makes me want to repaint the whole house again.
I guess I should talk about the plates some!
They are collected from thrift stores and yard sales.
There is one bowl in the bunch.
The plate hangers cost more than the plates.
But I cannot resist anything vintage with roses on it.
That and anything with birds this year...
They have taken over the house!

Thanks for stopping by....Brooke 


  1. Love your Wall arrangement, it's fabulous! I love collecting plates for the Wall too and I collect blue and White. Your rose plates and bird collection is lovely choise too. I adore that beautiful lamp!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. OH MY! This is simply dreamy. I couldn't resist clicking over right away from Beverly's.
    Love the plates, but THAT LAMP!!! WOW!!! Gorgeous.
    Happy Pinks!!

  3. What a beautiful arrangement! I like your colors and items. So pretty. Thank you for sharing. Gentle Joy

  4. I love the plates. The whole setting is very pleasing. I am decorating a bedroom and will be using plates I have found. I like the one in the frame. I may use that idea.

  5. The florals are so festive and delightful. You are so right about the hangers being so much more expensive than the plates. This is very welcoming.


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