Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Decor - Adding Thrift Store Floral Plates

Just popping in for a quick post.
I found some cute vintage floral pieces at local thrift stores this winter. 
I added the bunnies and a bit more color to the sideboard.
I still want to keep it mostly creamware.
But the patterns on these were so pretty.
I have many more I want to hang up on the wall soon.
It's quite addictive... collecting floral pottery.
But luck for me... These were less than $1 each!
Happy Spring... 12 more days till then!

Thanks for stopping by....Brooke


  1. I love it - looks very sweet and fresh! Just walking pass it would be a delight!

  2. Lovely hutch with all the great white dishes and the Little shoes, that's different and somehow they make a statement! The White bunnies are adorable too.

  3. Nice collection. Love shopping at thrift stores.


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