Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW!! "Home Sweet Garden" Link Party {4/1}

Happy April!
Yes, it is finally starting to act like Spring here in Indiana.
The grass is greening up and the days are warmer.
Sweet crocuses are blooming... I love these more every year.
Such perfect little bouquets of sheer beauty.
Bonus... they are very hearty and multiply quickly.
So once your clump gets bigger... divide them and add them to other beds.
These have been planted two years.
They will get bigger, but they are showing up nicely on this driveway bed.
Last year I missed getting a photo of the French Pussy Willow shrub.
I love to touch this plant.
I love soft fuzzy things... I grow lambs ear for the feel of it too.
Plants are so cool.
This one is by the front walk.
It is big enough I could cut some branches and take them inside for decor projects.
I have been cutting back grasses and cleaning up beds.
Basically, I have been outside playing.
But it is just too pretty not to be!
Okay, folks... now that you have seen what's going on here...
Let me see what you are up to!
Share your home and garden posts in this VERY FIRST...
Only two notes to mention...posts need to have a floral or garden theme...
(Home Decor, DIY, Repurposed is all welcome)
and please give a link back to me @
Lets get started!!


  1. It's going to be exciting to see your garden come to live so please keep sharing into summer these beautiful gardens. - Happy Spring Brooke!

  2. Well - finally I came and did not get a warning so I will put you back in my favorite links! I can't help you on your question though because I have no idea. I do know how frustrating this can be as last December we had to buy all new because of a virus. We love it when it works though! I love your crocuses. Nothing blooming here so I will go look for an old photo if that is ok and post it.

  3. It is so good to see the crocus. Our garden is still under a LOT of snow and ice just yet. I will add you to my list of places to visit as I would love to see what the garden looks like through the seasons. What sort of soil do you need for the Pussy willow? I would love to have one of those,

  4. So beautiful! It's still cold here in Iowa. It was fun to look at your beautiful yard. Thanks!

  5. WOW your so lucky to be able to be out working around your garden.Im in upstate NY and its a muddy cold mess up here still. My daughter lives in upper Indiana but Im not certain if she has all the blooms that you do yet. I love the pussywillow shrub! Thank you so much for hosting this party!


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