Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Changes for Spring...

As it warms up I will be moving my attention to the garden...
and the decorating will have to wait.
But I did tweak it a bit to get ready for warm weather.
That means getting things back away from the widows...
I love to have them open to get the breeze here at the lake.
And getting the houseplants back out of the way and in their summer spots.
I added the little birdhouse on the lamp post this week too.
I still am in love with the cards on the trellises.
The bench got moved, it was too big for the other corner.
And the rocker is now on the porch and my high chair is taking its place.
I love this Jenny Lind chair, so cute.
No, it is not a family heirloom... but a flea market find.
It makes a great plant stand.

My photos are still a bit grainy... 
I think I am going to do some camera shopping soon.
Have a great weekend... 
It is suppose to get up to 70 here today!



  1. Your home is beautiful. My aunt had the same flower art in our cabin for years. I just love your antiques!

  2. Spring tweaking looks marvelous - we've had the doors opened for a few days - just love the fresh air - although pollen is already flowing! Delightful vignettes! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  3. Just fabulous! I love all your gorgeous vintage treasures displayed so beautifully.
    A feast everywhere you look. We'd love to have you share at WIW.


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