Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I've Been Stealing From The Garden...

Yes, I admit it.
I am stealing from my garden.
And I am not ashamed of it.
Not one bit.
You see, I am taking some of my treasures inside.
And I am loving them there.
It kind of started after Christmas.
But when I went window shopping this past week...
my wheels kicked in to four-wheel drive.
And I have not stopped since.

I saw this metal art piece in an upscale display.
And I actually had something that looked just like it.
In my garden.

Can you even see it?  It is on the left side.
Needless to say, it was easy to miss when the roses fill in.
As you see it looks really nice here with my electric candle.
It casts really neat shadows at night too.
But it does not stop there.
I had this gate in the garden all last summer.
Now it is on the wall... and I love it there.
More metal garden inspired things can be found behind the couch.
Can you even find my plant stand?
Now you can see it.
I love its curly lines.
Notice anything new by my desk?
Yes, they were in the rose garden...
But now they are tucked behind my desk!
And I really like the architecture they give there.
Don't worry about missing them in the garden...
I have big plans for it this year.
{And they may or may not include an ornate metal headboard and footer!}
The bunnies have taken over this room for Spring.
I am so ready for it to warm up and all this ice and snow to melt.
They say tomorrow it will start to warm up.
And hopefully stay that way!

So I hope I might have given you an idea or two.
I love to mix things up... and if need be...move from in to out!
Thanks for visiting....Brooke


  1. Wonderful post! Loved! Thank you! Blessed day!

  2. It looks wonderful! All the added touches from the garden make your home very inviting.


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