Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's All Good...

Hello dear readers...
Today is my 41st birthday.
And I am counting all my blessings.
But I try to do that every day.

What's the plan?
Lunch with my best friend.
Then a swim meet tonight.
It's all good.
Maddie is in 8th grade.
She is academic honor roll all the way.
She says she wants to be a business accountant now.
She loves math and details.
I just hope she takes over my taxes... 
Morgan is in 6th.
She is 5'8 plus and just a hair taller than me.
She will be 12 in a few weeks.
This has been her year, she loves Middle School.
Big news is... she gets her braces in a few weeks.
Miley has been going with me since it has been warmer.
She loves to ride in the car, but has been having horrible fits.
I can hear her carrying on from inside stores.
I love to take her, but she might have to wait till yard sale season to go.
Yes, I take my dog with me... its
It has been fun watching the changes in the girls this year.
They are about as different as they could be.
Total opposites.
This month it has been all about swim.
Morgan just loves it and has been doing fantastic.
I really think she has found her sport.
We are thinking of doing a summer team for off season this year.
Such good exercise and I enjoy watching the kids.
She will swim for two more weeks then after Spring break tennis starts.
Both of the girls will play this year.
It will be interesting having them on the same team!
For me...
Well this winter has been havoc on my diet but I am holding steady.
I cannot wait to start walking outside again.
Of course I am excited to get the garden ready.
This winter my creative side has been in overdrive.
I have torn this house apart upteen times redoing things.
I guess I need to focus all that energy in the garden.
Until then I have been sewing and painting...
And blogging...
And working with my camera.
And lots and lots and lots of hauling kids around.
And cooking for my hard working husband.
It's all good.

Thanks for stopping by--- Brooke

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  1. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Your daughters are adorable :) Have a great day!


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