Saturday, March 1, 2014

Graceful Old Ladies

Got some time on your hands?
Loads of money?
Looking for some hard work?
Or maybe you are just a dreamer like me.

Lets walk down the North End of Main Street 
in Washington, Indiana and enjoy these 
lovely ladies glowing in the winter sunshine.

Dream on my dears...

They were all beautiful, but something about this white and green one
calls to me.  I love all the lacy detail on that porch!
Wow, could I decorate and garden there!

Which one is your favorite?


  1. What a beautiful houses Brooke. I wish I was living in one of them. But I am not. I am living in a village that was not there, 25 years ago the place where I am living was part of the see. Every building is modern no history at all helas!.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope spring will soon arrive for you.

  2. Wow there are some grand old dames there, I love old houses, the new ones just don't have the character but they are easier to keep clean.

  3. Oh gosh. Loved seeing those houses. I liked the first and the last the best, but then, the one with the little statue in front, was adorable, too.

    The balconies would lend themselves to lots of gorgeous flowers in the warmer months. However, I wouldn't want to be sandwiched between other houses. Would like something on a little more land.

    Thanks for the photo tour. It was fun. Susan

  4. amazing how well the brick ones have held up best!

  5. Wow! How gorgeous. Where in Indiana is Washington? I'm in Louisville Ky and take my senior adults from church on day trips to visit new areas of interest. Would love to visit here and have lunch someplace neat with them. You are correct, they would take lots of work and money, but would be sooooo worth it! Vicki in Louisville.

  6. They are all so pretty, I couldn't choose just one! So much charm, love old homes! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY! Your graceful old ladies are being features, so hop back over...

  7. Wow, What some wonderful old ladies indeed! Great pictures.. and all on one street! That would be some serious eye candy on daily walks...I found you via Cindy a Dwellings-the heart of your Home...I am your newest follower.. I hope you will stop by and visit and follow along with me.. Blessings!


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