Monday, March 3, 2014

Garden Gawkers #8 - 'Classic meets Cottage' Garden Tour

Okay, March is here 
and I still have not shared all my pictures 
I have been saving for you!

Let's get busy and enjoy some WONDERFUL gardens
I visited last June as part of the Evansville Master Gardeners Tour.
They have it every two years and I never miss it.
I always meet tons of neat new garden friends.
And find loads of new plants to look for!

Plus... I love how they decorate their creative gardens.
This one I am sharing today will be a three part tour.
Today you are just seeing the "Classic" part you can see from the street.
This garden gets much more "Cottage" as you enter the backyard.
You will LOVE it!

So lets take a looksie and enjoy the garden!

This house looked so much like the one my parents owned a few years ago.
It made me wish they still had it and I could do its landscape just like this.
But this one sits way back from the street and has a wonderful deep front yard.
 That makes the property feel private and peaceful.
 Many would remove all that ivy, but I think it is lush and lovely and perfect.
Remember, we have four good months of winter in Indiana.
So evergreen spaces are good design.
 I love the little bunny popping up thru the plants.
This is just a taste of this gardeners personality.
I am in LOVE with all the hydrangeas.
And I love that they are mostly white.
Hostas make perfect bed fellows.
Sedum ground covers add a magical glow.
Creeping Jenny and garden urns with annuals flowing.
Knock Out Roses add pops of pink.
A glimpse of more to come in tomorrows post into the back gardens.
Mix of materials for ground cover makes it interesting and helps with wet areas.
Okay, remember this is just a small part of this garden!
Come back tomorrow to see more wonderful cottage ideas.

Thanks for visiting....Brooke

Hope you will continue to follow my series "Garden Gawkers"
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  1. Love your pictures! And I'm in love with hydrangeas, too!

  2. Wow...You all might have brutal winters, but your summers make up for them. I love all of the gets so hot in Florida that it is difficult to have gardens that are as breathtaking as these. I will live vicariously through you all. : )

  3. I totally see why you were drawn to this beautiful garden. Wish I lived in a less draught stricken area.


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